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Remote support software is PC tech support software that works through the web to gives techs, help-desks, and support organizations and information technology departments the flexibility to provide remote support to their users or customers through the web without having to reconfigure the clients network or computer. As such, no pre-installed software is usually required on the remote client computer for remote support software to function in the capacity of providing pc remote control to remotely access the desktop. 

There are many remote control support solutions. Many solutions not anly offer remote support as part of their service offering but also include conferencing, online meetings, and presentation packages mostly included in their software. Several such large companies that not only use the products for computer support for supporting their own clients but also offer the service as one of their own products is Cisco with meeting place and meeting place express. This product is is one that can be hosted opn the customers premisses and can integrate wit hthe unity and cisco call manager products. It has desktop sharing for meetings and online demos incorporated within the product. The installation of the product however has to be done by a more experienced IT person. Although vast improvement have been provided into their recent releases and updates, the setup can still be complex. Once setup however, it works wonders and offers bot conferencing and remote support capabilities.  

IT departments provide computer remote support by using remote support software but often the software they use is LAN based and requires a program (client) to be installed on the the desktop computer. Since the remote support software in this case is LAN based most of the desktops are too. So, with that in mind, it's much simpler to push a client install out tot he desktops that are on the network because in most cases all desktops would be in control of the network or server administrator. By using a simple login script or some of the features found in Active Directory, administrators can add the client port of the remote support software to their desktops still without having to go to the actual office the desktop is located or even worse to all the desktops on their network. Once installed they can access the desktops connected to their networks using the remote support software client they previously installed. 

Remote support software of this type also doesn't suffer from constraints that remote support software that runs on the internet faces. Remote support software that runs over the internet has to deal and manage security issues. Since the LAN is a less protected network environment, at least from outside threats, it doesn't have the same problems connecting or having to work around as remote support software that runs over the web does. 

Remote Support

 One of the newest revolutions of support is managed servies. Although the concept of managed IT services is not new at all, there has been a gradual but increasing in speed transition from mainting a large internal information technology staff to outsourcing computer and server support. Providing remote support by connecting through the web is less costly and more efficient on many levels. First, if it's a customer whom has paid for service, like tech support, then they have a expectation level that has to be met or exceeded. Remote support let's techs meet most expectations of customers. Once they realize that within minutes and sometimes seconds there's a tech connected and providing remote support to solve their current problem, they immediately feel that they are being serviced promptly and properly. Once they realize this type of access and software has been more efficient and they switch to getting computer support from another company or computer consultant, they will switch right back to you. The reason, you provided remote support, and by doing so they had their problem resolved much quicker than the other company was even able to get on site to look at the problem. 

They will remember this and will continue to use your services. There is the other aspect where remote support can win new business. Remote support can win new computer support clients by a simple fast acting effort that could take place if a person calls in to your office that needs help. If you connect to them immediately to provide remote support and that remote support session helped solve their computer problem. Firstly, they would not have time to call another desktop support company for remote tech support because you already connected to their desktop. The other is if you responded to their request for help that quickly using remote support, they will remember that and it will leave a lasting impression with them. because of remote support, they will most likely call for your services again. 

PC Tech Support Software

PC Tech support software has evolved and grown past just supporting computers on the LAN or private closed WAN. It broke out of this enclosed box to help solve computer support issues over the web with.  PC Tech support software  expedites problem solving and even allows for desktop application software or system installation services to be performed without a tech even being on-site. PC tech  support software has matured from a LAN based support tool  pc tech support that was a convenience rather than a requirement to almost a necessity. PC tech support software can increase revenue and profits for companies that provide computer support services or consultant who are a small group of computer and server support professionals on a tighter budget than larger corporations. Also  helpdesks, IT support departments, application specialists, integrators, or computer tech support groups of all sizes can increase customer retention through satisfactions in the support services they will receive. PC tech  support software achieves this phenomenon by getting  the support professionals to the desktop, server, and network problems faster. By getting to the problems faster diagnosing can begin sooner and once the diagnosing begins then the resolution can be found sooner. 

PC Support Software

PC support software is used increase the speed of pc software and hardware problem diagnostics and resolutions PC support software should be affordable to the masses. PC support software should not be affordable only by large IT or Helpdesk organizations who can spend thousands of dollars on each pc support software license or seat. Smaller companies should be able to afford the products like pc support software that will allow them to compete better and to increase productivity. Even though large companies with large support departments and budgets like Cisco, HP, Compaq, IBMDellMicrosoft - who also makes a pc support software product, etc., own or outsource pc support software to support their customers (and end-users remotely.

PC support software has as it's intended goal is to make tech support operations more efficient to and to allow tech support get to problems faster for both internal use such as closed network (like LANs) and for use over the internet to connect to side disparaging group of different networks and pc desktop computers.

Desktop Support Software

Desktop support software has advantages over other desktop remote control and support programs in that it enables the remote user to see what tech support is doing while they are working on the system. File transfer too on some desktop support software programs like Microsoft's remote desktop protocol could be a little awkward. There may be an update to correct the problem but with RDP compared to other desktop support software applications, the user who is has the remote desktop connection has to make sure that the "connect drives option" is checked to be enabled before they start a remote support desktop session. Web based desktop remote support programs often have a separate GUI (graphical user interface) that's started when there is a need to transfer files from the remote computer to the local tech computer and the same holds true if the files transfer is to be completed in he opposite direction. Again, all this data is transmitted over the web for web based systems while using desktop support software. Although there are uses on the LAN, it's mostly on the web that desktop support software programs excel.



Remote Support Software